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To maximize the comfort of your pet, a complimentary face-to-face meet and greet is required prior to service start.

Group Hikes

All hike services are scheduled on a recurring weekly basis

Group Hike: $43

  • Includes pick up and drop off at your home and at least an hour on the trail.

  • Your dog practices leash manners and basic obedience while learning to coexist with multiple dogs on a long structured hike.

  • Passive socialization in a hike setting helps nervous dogs become more comfortable around other dogs, and teaches overexcited dogs that they don't need to adrenalize around others.

Prep Sessions: $38

  • Includes pick up and drop off at your home and a 30min session locally.

  • Gets your dog up to speed and allows them to build a relationship with me. We work on necessary foundational skills like leash walking, their comfort level in/around the car, and ease them in to hiking in a pack to ensure they have a great time.

  • Required as a trial period for all new hikers until they are ready to graduate to hikes.

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Dog Boarding

Starting at $70/night for up to a 24hr period

  • Structured boarding in the comfort of my home.

  • Small numbers allow me to give everyone the attention and enrichment they need.

  • Safety is my #1 priority: everyone is safely separated in crates while unsupervised and during meal times.

  • Boarding is available on a case by case basis for dogs who need 1:1 care.

  • Peak boarding rate of $5/night extra applies during holidays and Feb/April school vacations, see calendar for specific dates.

  • A trial night is required for all new boarding clients prior to booking longer stays to ensure my setup is a match for them.

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