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What sets me apart?

Sit & Stay provides services to keep your pet healthy and happy, with both safety and training in mind. Dogs get in exercise and playtime in a structured setting where manners and appropriate interactions are encouraged and reinforced. While not a replacement for working with a trainer, my services support your training to keep your dog on track.

Having worked professionally in the pet care field since 2013, I have the knowledge and qualifications to work with dogs with a variety of needs. Whether your dog is nervous, overexcited, reactive, or just an easygoing pup in need of some extra enrichment, be at ease knowing they will be safe in my care! 


Kristyn Stock


I got my start working with animals in a volunteer position at the New England Aquarium. From there, I decided to pursue a career in pet care. After working in two doggy daycare/boarding facilities for over five combined years (boarding dogs in my home for much of that time) I officially opened Sit & Stay pet care in June of 2017.

Continuing my education in the dog world is a priority of mine. As such, I have been to multiple dog training workshops run by professional trainers and behaviorists to hone my skills and better serve both my clients, fosters, and my personal dogs. I am experienced in working with dogs of all breeds, temperaments, and energy levels, and am also trained in Pet CPR & First Aid.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking and backpacking with my border collie/hound mix, Maeby, and ACD/aussie shepherd mix, Trout. Maeby and I have summited all 4000ft peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and the three of us have backpacked sections of both the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail. We also do a lot of training, obedience, and sports work: Maeby knows a ton of tricks and excels in nosework, while Trout prefers dock diving and disc!

Helping dogs in need is another priority of mine: I volunteer with the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association (ACDRA) and am also a dedicated foster home. Current fosters can be found on my social media pages. Reach out if you are interested in adopting a cattle dog/mix or if you're interested in helping this great organization!

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