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Solo Dog Walks

Please note I am currently closed to new solo walk clients

15min Visit: $18

  • A basic visit for the dog who doesn't need a long walk or much exercise. Gives them a chance to stretch their legs, potty, and get some attention while you're away. We can go for a short structured walk or just spend time in the yard - whichever you and your pup prefer!

30min Visit: $22

  • Exercise your dog's body and mind! I reinforce your training by incorporating basic obedience and good leash manners into a structured walk around your neighborhood.

"Last Outs!" Potty Break: $25

  • Going out for the night but Fido needs one last potty break before bed? I've got you covered with this 15min visit to potty, freshen water, and feed dinner. 

  • This after hours service runs from 7pm-10pm.

A $3 fee applies to weekend visits. Transportation to/from local walking areas may be available for an additional fee.

Pet Sitting

Available to non-canine households

20min visit: $20

  • Great for cats, fish, and other small animals.

  • Drop-in visit to feed pets, clean litter boxes and cages as necessary, freshen water, and provide attention and playtime.

  • Basic household maintenance included: watering plants, bringing in the mail, etc.

  • $3 fee applies to weekend visits

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